13 My Little Reaper
I really need to make a few more custom My Little Ponies.  I made the "Reaper" pony (inspired by the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy cartoon) some time ago and found the process a bit hard, but still pretty fun.  Here's the picture I took of the finished Reaper-pony:

I also decided to try my hand at some dress designing.  I have absolutely zero experience in anything remotely professional, so don't blame me for the utter oddness of the designs!

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13 Responses
  1. BeckyBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Oh, man! You made that!? My sister would LOVE it! Do you sell it anywhere? Very cool :) Glad I came here from FTLOB!

  2. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Well, I've been thinking of raffling it away on here or having a contest for it or something, so stay tuned :)

  3. Dewi CitraBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Totally contrasting ideas blended into one
    Love your pony ^^

  4. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    @Dewi Citra
    Hah hah, he is a very torn pony :D Thanks!

  5. AdaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    The reaper pony is awesome! I love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    You're welcome! :) You have a nice blog!

  7. Sarah KellyBest Blogger Tips Says:

    I love the necklines on dresses 2 and 4 :) Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Your pony is awesome :)

  9. TriGirlBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Wow, a pony for grown-ups :) Thanks so much for stopping by earlier!!

  10. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    @Sarah Kelly
    Thank you, I like experimenting with necklines :D

  11. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Heh, yep :D And you're very welcome!

  12. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    @Sarah Kelly
    Thanks, 2 is actually my favourite of the lot!

  13. MichelleBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Such a great article which It is absolutely zero experience in anything remotely professional,In which found out the process a bit hard. Thanks for sharing this article.

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