2 Too hard to resist...

After spending the better time of a week browsing blogs, I must admit I became thoroughly hooked on the idea of blogging.  I'm pretty spread out internet-wise anyway, so a blog to connect with sounds pretty nice.  I'm also of tired of LiveJournal after so many years and I hardly ever post there anymore.

On to introductions: I'm 27 years old, I live in the Greater Toronto Area and I like to do a bunch of things.  Mainly draw: Check out my Deviantart if you like, write: my published horror/romance series, The One Who Waited, write funny articles for Cracked:

8 Scary Japanese Urban Legends
10 Bizarre Japanese Mythological Creatures
6 Awesome Facts About Black Holes
6 Most Disturbing Written Works

I also manage a secondary blog, App-O-Plectic, where I post daily reviews of some of the more useful, unique, or awesome (Free!) iTunes applications available!

Whenever I find the time, I also enjoy doing cynical video reviews of Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction films at Video UnReel

Paranormal Activity

I also like to fool around with photography a little bit, mostly snapshots when I travel or see something interesting.  Here, have one:


2 Responses
  1. jo_annieBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Hi! Thanks for join the Kind Blogger Pledge! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!!!

  2. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Thank you! :D Looking forward to getting a bit more involved in the community!

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