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I wanted to take a moment to do something I seldom find myself doing when it comes to new hardware: gush. With that in mind, I'd like you to meet the sexy new metal-man in my life:

Meet the Asus Transformer Eee Prime!

I'll say it outright, right now.  This is, at present, the best tablet you can get (as far as Canada goes, anyway).  Forget the iPad, Galaxy, Lenovo (ugh), Transformer is the place to be.  Don't even bother arguing with me on this one unless you've tested all the ones listed.  Which is not to say the iPad and Galaxy (The Lenovo has its own special circle in hell reserves, just for it) are not good in their own right...it's just that the Transfomer Eee (particularly if you've upgraded to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich firmware) surpasses them.

So just a few fun facts off the top of my head:

  • Fast, reliable booting of the Android OS.  Comparing this to the worst of them I've owned: Lenovo IdeaPad, which took 10 minutes (if it decided to boot at all)
  • Beautiful, crisp screen/graphics.  HD awesomeness, drool-worthy quality. (2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU and up to 1080p capable playback.  Want to watch your subtitled MKV anime? It's never looked better: Also, I recommend the mVideoPlayer free app)
  • Smooth scrolling from page-to-page.  Absolutely NO lag in the weeks I've owned it.  No stuttering when switching screens, no lag when moving from one app to another (and having a ton of them open at once has so far, not hindered me at all)
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life (with a bit of tweaking, obviously if you have ten things running it might cut into it.  For best battery life, I recommend: switching off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, turning down brightness, turning off any unnecessary apps) and expandable by an additional 10 hours with the amazing keyboard accessory, which should be a given with this tablet!
  • New Android firmware is now available, switching from the old Honeycomb FW and its predecessor, Gingerbread, to the new Ice Cream Sandwich, which comes with some fantastic new advantages itself. I could break said advantages down for you but I'm just too damn lazy!
  • Some beautiful independent widgets to add aesthetic appeal AND convenience (weather, news feeds, clocks, stickers, movie lists, and tons more) along with some app-associated widgets that place things like important notes, calendar events, and more at your fingertips, right on the home screen!
  • Wi-Fi and GPS capable
  • The hardware is just gorgeous on its own.  Sleek design, very attractive silver metal backing (far more durable improvement to the previous plastic one) and an overall weight of only 1.49lbs, incredibly light and slim at just 12.98mm thickness.
  • Great marketplace etiquette.  Bought an iPad app recently and had to go through the wishful song-and-dance of getting your money back because it loads to a black screen? I bought an app for $4.00 which I realized I actually didn't need five minutes later (don't you hate it when that happens?). Upon uninstalling, was greeted with a very welcome, "App has been uninstalled and your payment has been refunded".  Whoot.
  • Very easy and quick USB (and now also Wi-Fi only, optionally) to PC for transferring any files you need (music, movies, manga, whatever).
Well, I could go on but I'm exhausting my poor fingers XD So, yeah.  Go out there and get yourself an Asus Transformer Eee Prime (make sure it's the latest version out, the stores may try to shluff off the previous version on you, as was my experience) Perhaps try ordering it online instead, since it's pretty hard to get a hold of it in stores at present.

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2 Responses
  1. Thanks for the info. So now there's another contender in the "pot of decisions to make."

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  2. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:


    Thanks, glad I gave you something to think about :)

    And cheers, I enjoy that blog-hop.

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