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Burt's Bees® Intense Hydration

If you have concerns regarding your skin, Burt's Beed, Intense Hydration daily lotion might be the solution you need. Effective particularly for aging, sensitive, or dry skin, this lotion acts as a great moisturizer and is particularly effective for the treatment of certain sensitivities born of cracking or wrinkling effects.

Unlike many other name-brands currently on the market, Burt's Bees promises and delivers on an organic and natural product for those with concerns for cosmetics that might normally include unhealthy ingredients such as alcohol (which can further dry and damage the skin), Sodium Laryl Sulfate, or Aluminum Chlorohydrate, all of which contribute to damaging your skin over time and extended use. Burt's Bees has been dermatologist tested to assure you that the ingredients contain only the best in cosmetic-line products and reflect as much in the effect they have after use.

While you are free to apply this lotion during the day, personally I've found that night-time application readies you for a fresh and clean feeling the next time, having time to absorb fully and work its beneficial effects. Coverage goes on very evenly, with a heavier consistency but not so much that is feels greasy or intrusive (which also makes it effective if you suffer from greasy skin, in that it keeps it hydrated without further irritating it), particularly when applied to the face (and also good for not staining material if you choose to wear it during sleep). The scent is very mild, with only a fresh and clean smell left after application, complimenting the freshness of your skin after use. Absorption post application is very fast and efficient and leaves you with a glowing but not shining effect.

Definitely a product and brand that comes highly recommended for any and all skin types or simply those who wish to keep their skin smooth and fresh.

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  1. I love burts bees products, they are so gentle on the skin. Great for people with psoriasis.

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