1 Mmm, Free Stuff!
So I was trolling around online as I'm apt to do when a friend of mine referred me to a website I can only refer to as "pure, awesome-sauce!"  It's a free-auction site, meaning you basically spend no money and buy/sell stuff via auction (pretty much the same technical make-up as Ebay) for free! The system utilizes a point method to spend when you get stuff (so if you sell anything, you earn points and when you buy something, you use those same points!)

HOWEVER, the site gives you a ton of points as a bonus just for signing up! :D  I bought a variety of cheap-point (but really kickass) jewellery, books, a game, and some other sweet stuff!  So I thought you guys might definitely be interested in this.  They have a pretty kickass variety of things up for offer (and if you want even more points, some really quick and easy surveys and such to get them for free)  Most of the listings are free shipping worldwide too! Whoot!

If you want to check it out, sign up for LISTIA here!.  You'll be glad you did, I promise :3

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com

0 Review: Dragon Nest

My game of choice this time around comes in the form of an addictive, 
humorous little MMORPG known as Dragon Nest.

  • A nice variety of fairly populated servers, making for a pretty good social experience (and quick way to find a guild or group if you are in need) without sacrificing bandwidth or having to put up with much lag.
  • Detailed and bright graphics engine with a nice variety of creatures and locations.
  • Fast, dramatic, dynamic combat with a good choice of skills and abilities based on your class of choice.
  • Pretty balanced XP/leveling mechanic, with newbies levelling at a pretty even rate and an increase in the difficulty curve as you go without overwhelming players.
  • Fantastic voice acting/dialogue/script.  Seriously funny stuff and perfect for anyone who wants to get more involved in the RPG elements of an MMO.
  • Several interesting, creative little side-quests in the midst of an ongoing greater plot.  Side quests never get too complex or too many at once (so you do not lose sight or focus from the main quest).
  • Pretty good fan-base of players with many active guild communities and helpful players.
  • Not much variety in your choice of characters.  Many, MANY Sorceresses present (your choices are Warrior, Archer, Cleric, or Sorceress) with a fairly limited character customization.
  • Depending on your choice of server, there can be quite and influx of player-characters standing around with your standard "BUY GOLD HERE $$$$$" chat-spam above their heads, taking away from the role-play aspect quite a bit.  Something the mods/admin should really clamp down on judging by the sheer amount of these annoying guys all over the place (particularly concentrated at the exits out of most towns, however, so you don't need to see them all over the place).

0 Review: Scarlet Legacy

I've recently decided to start sampling some of the large variety of MMO's/MMORPG games available for free online.  Mostly due to the usual habit of my well running dry when it comes to maintaining interest in World of Warcraft or Lineage 2.  So in an effort to educate (and save you all some cash in the process), I've decided to try playing some of the other Massive Multi-player games you can download for free.  My first game-of-choice rated highly with many people: Scarlet Legacy.

  • Beautiful, bright, eye-catching graphics
  • Good frame-rate with minimal lagging/skipping (even amidst the more crowded areas)
  • Fast respawn rate for mobs/monsters, reducing situations where you find yourself stuck trying to compete for mobs to finish your quests or earn XP.
  • Interesting storyline, well presented during story progression without taking away from the game-play too much
  • Quick, simple levelling
  • Extremely easy navigation (points of interest clearly marked on your map)
  • Simple quest navigation (clicking on the name of the mob/quest giver will cause your character to run toward them--great if you turn yourself around)
  • Obviously a Chinese port.  The language is in Chinese, not in itself an issue except that the game suffers from a painful amount of "Engrish" during any point that requires you to read (which is quite a bit).  It breaks the flow of the story when there are several grammar mistakes in a single sentence.
  • Repetitive, grinding game-play as you progress (kill three wolves, now kill three more, now kill three bandits, now kill some spiders!)
  • While mobs are plentiful and re-spawn quickly, the sheer amount and physical closeness to each other makes the combat areas look very copy-and-pasted.

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