0 Facebook: Hunger Games
As a Facebook game addict from way back and a newly indoctrinated fangirl of the literary!crack that is The Hunger Games trilogy, I was happy to find something to blend the two together.

  • A beautiful and detailed in-game world is the first thing you'll notice. Smooth, fairly natural movements and animations.
  • The soundtrack. As the game loads you'll be hit with an introductory dramatic orchestral soundtrack which tapers off during the game to a calm, mellow tune that reflects the environment and story pretty well. It's pleasant enough music and doesn't tire too badly.
  • A well integrated tutorial system at the start of the game eases you into play without breaking immersion (if that's what you're after)
  • Character creation and customization. Not exactly to Sims levels of originality, but still a few options to choose from.
  • Quests and storylines are linear and follow the novel(s) very well. Quests come in the form of the main storytelling quest; you will progress chapter-by-chapter, following along the original story as you go. Secondary quests, events, and "item collecting" tasks are also available.
  • Several ways to re-fill the energy that you spend in-game to complete tasks: Ask friends, use in-game available items, or visit neighbors for small re-fills.

  • The game is an "energy" system form of gameplay: you're given a set number of points to represent your energy, then spend them each day on the quests you complete or tasks that need doing. Not horrible, but players may be tempted to dish out real-world cash for this faux-world fun to get around this. Don't.
  • Quests can get a bit daunting depending on what must be done or collected to complete them. As with many of these "energy system" games, your energy will run out, often just short of whatever materials you need.
  • Potential to get pretty repetitive, pretty fast. The storyline has to be strong enough to counter-balance this (in that you'll spend a good chunk of time in-game cutting down trees, clearing rocks, and doing chores around your forest-escape) but definitely doesn't disappoint.

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