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For the Love of Blogs is having a spot on fitness and healthy living, The Getting Fit Blog Hop, so I thought I would chime in about my own lifestyle:

I hate to admit that as far as staying fit goes, I've never been very good at staying to regiment.  I know I should eat healthy, exercise moderately each day, maybe have a stretch first thing in the morning, I know all this...I just can't be bothered.  Maybe it's my lack of will, or interest, or genuine commitment, but there was always something in the way of my success!

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Probably a bunch of these
Not for lack of trying, mind you! I joined gyms, bought exercise equipment, tried to jog, went on diets, and probably didn't really keep my efforts all that healthy in themselves, on reflection.

Then I did something very simple: I sat down, took out a notebook, and wrote a grocery list:

As I listed what I normally ate each week, I saw a pattern.  Cans of pop that could easily be switched for Zero versions with no calories.  Fatty breads that could be replaced with healthier, but still delicious alternatives.
Chocolate and other junk foods that could be considerably cut down.  I also began to keep track of my eating habits.  I was a three-meal a day girl, with an especially filling dinner in conclusion.  I decided to change that around completely and now eat small portions more often throughout the day (leaving me feeling far less hungry and apt to snack on junk).

*gasp* COOKIE! Cookiecookiecookiecookiecookiecookie!
Exercise found its way into the plan too, though not in typical fashion. There is no jogging, no stretching, no regiment of any kind:  My exercise is randomized throughout the day based on how much energy I have at any particular moment.  I may be feeling hyper in the morning, so I'll clean house with my iPod singing in my ears and dance until I build up a nice sweat. Or I may chase around or wrestle with my other half.  Maybe a walk with my camera to get a few snapshots while I'm at it.

My point is, that in my efforts to find a healthier lifestyle, I've found that there is no RIGHT answer for everyone.  People will tell you that there is.  That all you need is a regiment that you MUST follow...except you don't.  You can simply keep health one of the forefronts in your mind and adjust for it accordingly throughout your day :)

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3 Responses
  1. TriGirlBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Makes sense! If it doesn't feel right, there's no reason to stick with a regimented plan, right?

  2. ErikaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    Exactly! If your regiment makes you uncomfortable, then why force yourself? There are lots of different approaches :)

  3. VanessaBest Blogger Tips Says:

    One size does not fit all when it comes to health & fitness...you have to do what works for you!!

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